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Chapter 30 - Global Warming Factor

Chapter 30 - The Global Warming Factor

The factor of global warming has already introduced the need for centralized government at a dangerous stage where high technology is not in circulation to sufficiently answer the current human needs. This is what we are currently observing as fact:

Pollution --> Global Warming --> Increased Desertification --> Increased Urbanization --> Decreased Civil Liberties.

There are many countries which fit the above scenario in a local setting. Especially in parts of Africa where increased Desertification has affected public policy of the said country. There is a strong possibility that many countries will experience increased flooding and submerging because of disappearance of the polar ice caps. Many islands in the pacific while disappear and as some are actually countries! Therefore, we will lose countries in the future. The only solution is for the development of space industries and green industries. The former for space exploration and the later to preserve what the human race has left on earth. Space exploration to settle on all of our planets and utilize their resources to explore our corner of the galaxy and beyond. Such exploration is part of the human experience and human impulse. This drive is to naturally escape urbanized governments and find new resources. Green economies are implementable throughout all countries while space industries are limited to a very few.

The facts are that human activity is adding to the existing natural warming stages of the Earth. The previous could be attained through the research of physical geographers showing that natural global warming existed. Nevertheless, human activity, through business firms output as new technology, will be an addition to the natural global warming condition.

'Nature is the measure of All Things'

In the pre-modern era, the philosophical debate has been between the sophists and the followers of Plato. It may be argued that some of the followers of Plato were stoics. The sophists believed that 'Man is the measure of all things' while the followers of Plato believed 'The unseen is the measure of all things' or the 'Unseen measure'. The latter allows the hint of a creator or god into the equation of reality. The former, the sophists' position, is an indicator which leads to the possibility of atheism. The onset of the modern age, after the year A.D. 1500, has resulted in a third formula: 'Nature is the measure of all things'. The previous is more apparent after the industrial revolution where industrial waste was known to create hazards for human beings. The increase consciousness to preserve nature has been the rally cry for many as rural geographical distinctions decrease over the years yielding to more urbanization.

The formula, for the above phenomena, is presented as such:

Nature --> Scarcity --> Material Policy --> The Person

As nature is disturbed, through pollution, the increase specter of scarcity occurs. Scarcity determines consumer prices especially for the decrease of food items. These disturbances allows for the shaping of a projected material policy. The previous is not only a phenomena but a proven truth which negates the two previous Greek philosophical positions.

There are also various historical examples where dramatic climate change forced migrations......

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